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Education training across all phases from nursery through to university working with lecturers, teachers, teaching assistants and support staff. I always discuss specific needs including size of group, current awareness and prior experience to ensure that the provision matches the participants' needs. Examples of the kinds of workshops I have designed and delivered include: 
  • Inclusion training and support for all education staff
  • ​Understanding Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Understanding neurodiversity
  • Autism and anxiety
  • Autism and communication
  • Autism and sensory differences
  • Supporting disabled staff
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Specialist mentoring and family support

I offer specialist mentoring support to individuals, neurodivergent students and professionals, to support them to manage a range of academic, professional and social demands.  This typically includes managing deadlines, structuring approaches to work, managing stress, emotional regulation, navigating transitions and adapting to various social situations. 

I also run occasional courses on Managing Everyday Life for families with children who have disabilities or special needs. All workshops are interactive, informative and enjoyable with the exact content tailored to the needs of the group.
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International Consulting

I have experience of international development in relation to disability inclusive educationI worked as Global Technical Lead on Inclusive Education for Sightsavers and I designed and delivered teacher training materials for inclusion in Uganda and Pakistan, as well as developing modules on gender and disability inclusion for Senegal. I was also consultant on issues and challenges in including children with disabilities in schools in Jordan for the Queen Rania Foundation.
Recent consultancy includes a case study report on early childhood education for children with disabilities in Malawi.


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Health and Social Care

I work with a variety of health services and social care providers to support professionals and students to improve their practice in working with children and adults with learning disabilities, autism and other additional needs. I am also an Associate Trainer at the South London and Maudsley Trust.

Sample workshops include: 

  • Autism awareness

  • Communication strategies

  • Person-centred care

  • Managing transitions

  • Autism and sensory differences

  • Adapting environments and making reasonable adjustments


I also work with organisations who would like to become more disability inclusive in their recruitment and working environments as well as improve their service delivery for disabled clients and customers. I offer workshops, accessibility audits and reports:
  • Disability inclusive workplace
  • Disability inclusive recruitment and retention
  • Organising inclusive events/days


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