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Trainee teachers

'SEND lecture – AMAZING!!!!! It was so thought-provoking in that we had to complete activities which developed our empathy and understanding’  (Joseph)

'I also wanted to let you know that I have a job as a teacher in the Deaf Academy...this is something I never would have considered without the knowledge and passion that you have passed on to me.' (Miya )

Inclusion workshop for schools

‘It was excellent – really nice combo [sic] of talks and activities’

‘Was fantastic to meet everyone and tackle inclusion strategies, I really enjoyed it’


Tranisitions talk for local family support group

‘I want to say a huge thank you for your amazing presentation on Wednesday! We’ve had fantastic feedback about the event and I personally got a great deal from the talk.’  (Emily)

University student


Jacqui's kind and encouraging nature is evident in her work with students as she goes above and beyond to support them to achieve their potential. As a student with mental health difficulties, I have felt able to continue studying at the university as a direct result of Jacqui's support.

Undergraduate student on autism course

'Thank you so much for all your support! That grade would not have been achievable without your input, support and absolutely phenomenal, amazing and sensitive teaching.' (Marysia)

Embracing autism talk 

'You really enriched my knowledge and understanding of the challenges that people with autism experience but at the same time the gifts and talents they bring to the community.' (EDI group)

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