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Research and Publications

Education and Families                   

 Shepherd, J., Sutton, B., Smith, S. & Szlenkier, M. (2024) ‘Sea-glass survivors’: Autistic testimonies about education experiences. British Journal of Special Education, 00, 1–14.          

 Shepherd, J. (2023) Managing transitions big and small Autism Advocate Parenting      Magazine

 Shepherd, J. and Hancock, C. (2022) Post-pandemic possibilities

                                for inclusion NASEN journal Connect


                 Shepherd, J. & Hancock, C. (2021) Post pandemic possibilities for           

                         inclusion in schools: research and recommendations           

                         (illustrated summary)




  Shepherd, J. (2020) Beyond Tick-Box Transitions?  Experiences of

                 autistic students moving from special to further education. 



 Shepherd J. 'Interrupted interviews': listening to young people with autism in transition to college The Warwick Research Journal 2(2):249-262 Apr 2015 (Article)

Health and Social Care

Parry, J. and Shepherd, J. (2018) Understanding oral health challenges for

children and young people with autistic spectrum conditions: views of families and the dental team Journal of Disability and Oral Health



Shepherd, J. and Parry, J. (2017) The challenges of treating autistic 

patients British Dental Journal in Practice



  Shepherd, J. (2019) Challenges and recommendations for the educational

                         inclusion of out of school children with disabilities in Jordan


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